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Masami Teraoka 1984 Tattooed Lady Diver Sunset Beach Signed Wave Series lithograph


The title of this signed offering for sale is "Tattooed Woman At Sunset Beach” from the Wave Series by Masami Teraoka. Offset Lithograph. It is dated in the lower left margin 1984.

The work depicts a female Tattooed pearl diver. T
The Tattooed Woman At Sunset Beach is from Masami Teraoka's Wave Series 1984. His showing was at SPACE Los Angeles - January 12 - Februrary 16. 1985 .It is signed in pencil by Masami Teraoka in the lower right margin.

This offset/lithograph poster is from that showing in 1985 in Los Angeles, California. This is out of print..

Masami Teraoka was born in 1936, in Onomichi, Japan and presently resides in the U.S.A. His work has been called pop-style and explores the meeting of cultures in his signature medium of water color. Painted in the style of traditional Japanese woodblock of the 19th Century Edo Period (floating world) stylistically appropriating the compositional elements of Kunisada and Hokusai.

The story about women pearl divers :
The pearl diver was the archetypal liberated woman of the Edo period who became the focus of many seafaring tales and urban myths. According to these accounts, women pearl divers were more than the equal of their earthbound male peers: they performed impressive feats of physical prowess, earned their own livings, and sidestepped social conventions. Not only did pearl divers eschew the heavy kimonos and elaborate hairdos women of the day were expected to wear, but these women performed their profession scandalously scantily clad. Since abalone, oysters, and the pearls they contain were also useful symbols for female genitalia during periods of official censorship, pearl divers became a kind of shorthand for sexual liberation. [...] In her many manifestations, [Teraoka’s pearl diver] inspires vivid fantasies about what it would be like to be so utterly free of convention, clothing, and constraint.

The frame measures: W 18 ¼ x H 25 ¾ inches
The print measures: W 13 ½ x H 3 ½

This framed lithograph is in excellent condition. The only damage is to the paper backing on the back of the frame - which can easily be replaced. 

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