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Paul Jacoulet woodblock Star of Gobi L’Etoile de Gobi Mongole Princess

Paul Jacoulet's beautiful Star of Gobi -  L’Etoile de Gobi, MongolPrincess.  One of the most popular of his woodblock prints.  The model was a Chinese girl living in Seoul, Korea, who posed in a simple white gown. The gorgeous costume and furniture was separately drawn in several versions before Jacoulet settled on the luxurious color scheme.

Paul Jacoulet (1902–1960) was a French, Japan-based woodblock print artist known for a style that mixed the traditional ukiyo-e style and techniques developed by the artist himself. Bronze and pearl metallics.

Paul Jacoulet woodblock print , L'Etoile de Cobi Mongole Woman The Star of Gobi

Edition No on versa: 252 of 350

Style: Ukiyo-e

Seal & Signature Left center – Owl in peach red/ Signature above in black

Size: Full: Height - 18.75  - Width: 14 1/4

 Image size:  15.50 inches by 12 inches

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