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Vintage 20th C Republic period floral Dinnerware Porcelain Plates Mille Fleure Hundred Flowers


Mille Fleure porcelain dinner ware with Multi color Hundred Flowers beautiful hand painted. The plates are hand painted and have a black background with beautiful colored flowers. These plates were acquired from an estate in the 1980s. The owner was stationed in China during WWII and brought them back from China.  From my research online the marking on the plates are described as  “ mark is a Qianlong reign mark, presumably apocryphal  Jingdezhen factory” - .  “the Republic period early 20thC (circa 1920) “   These are all that remain (from a larger set) due to an accident shortly after a move. I do not use them and it is time for a new home.  

There are 9 soup or/dinner plates. . They are not flat but have some depth. (3 have edge chip ) due to there being some depth to the plates and one flat dinner plate. There is one odd plate – flat dinner plate is 9 inches in diameter.

The red bats on the underside symbolize good fortune or long life.

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