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SOLD Bakufu Ohno Woodblock Squirrel in Pine Tree 1951 Kyoto-Hanga-in Signed


Wonderful woodblock print bt by Japanese artist Bakufu Ohno (Ono) 1888 -1976.Squirrel in a Pine Tree or just Squirrel . The artist signature and seal is in the upper right .

Title: Squirrel in a Pine Tree

Artist : Bakufu Ono (Ohno) 1888-1976

Seal : Upper right

Dated : 1951

Publisher: Kyoto - Hanga-In

Medium : Woodblock print

Description: Brown squirrel sitting on a pine branch and picking pine cones

Format : Obamn ate-e

Condition: Very good - Upper left corner has slight crimp; also loser fight corner - The colors are lovely. My image has a slight blue caste..

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