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Return policy

My shop does accept returns / refunds providing the return meets the criteria outlined below.
1. The Item you purchased may be accepted by this shop for a return if upon receipt of the your item you purchased has a defect not identified / noted in the item description.
2. First , buyer must contact the shop upon receipt within 2 days of receipt(date delivered via USPS tracking number)
3. Describe the issue, and how it affects the wearability. Image if possible
4. The issue will be evaluated by the shop. If the shop agrees to accept a return, you will be contacted promptly.
5. Reasons a return may not be accepted. Item does not fit. Buyer does not like the color. My monitor and yours may be quite different.
6. If a return is authorized, agreed to the item must be returned within 5 days of receipt/delivered to you , the buyer,(determined by USPS tracking delivery date) in the same condition , unworn, in the same packaging with shipping document enclosed.
7. Upon receipt of the return, this shop will issue a refund by the same method your payment was made. Return shipping is paid by you, the buyer.

Note: The items offered , for the most part, are pre-loved, some are Vintage and having more age to them. Though they are vintage they are curated , examined for any heavy use, wear and if any so noted. I do not offer any item Vintage or other that has any stains, repairs or other that affect the wearability of the item. I may , if it is a highly desirable item , antique or vintage offer it with all defects / blemishes etc and the price will reflect the condition .
Sometimes, something may have been missed and certainly not intentional. In that case please do contact the shop.
We do want you to satisfied with your purchase, have a good shopping experience with our shop. We treat every client with courtesy and consideration, just as we expect to be treated when we make a purchase online or elsewhere. Our top concern is - you.